Alpine Skiing event at Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics

Not so long ago, in the magnificent and wild Rocky Mountains near Salt Lake City, capital of Utah, in the United States of America an important milestone for software development was built.

Located six miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Rocky Mountains, Snowbird is a resort where you can do multiple winter activities beyond skiing and snowboarding through 2,500 acres. Snowbird is also a location where frequently are taking place corporate events and wedding venues or just simple smalls reunions among friends, colleagues and family.

This is the reason why The Lodge at Snowbird, one out of five lodging properties existent in Snowbird, was the chosen place by seventeen lightweight method leaders for discussing about software development processes. During the winter months, wine and cheese receptions are held each week in the lobby so atmosphere seems suitable in order to try to find a common understanding.

This happened on February 11–13, 2001 after Robert Martin suggested conducting a small conference a few months back as consequence of a prior event organized by Kent Beck in Oregon, in the United States as well. Only one year later, Salt Lake City gathered more than 2,000 athletes from 78 nations because of the XIX Olympic Winter Games commonly known as Salt Lake 2002 celebrated from 8 to 24 February 2002.

Therefore, this place is where the well-known and widely adopted Manifesto for Agile Software Development was born.

The Agile Manifesto

Below you can find those four values listed, keeping in mind as described in the Agile Manifesto that even there is value in the items on the right, the items highlighted on the left are valued more.

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

If you want to get a deeper understanding, you should review the Twelve Principles of Agile Software equally. Those principles represent some behaviours, practices and culture that in many cases were already applied in the past when developing software.

Who are they now?

On top of that, most of them can be treated as founder either because they set up their own company or for creating some recognized frameworks and methodologies. They are also prestigious speakers.

Alistair Cockburn created the Heart of Agile movement. His current work is to help organizations of any type to take advantage of what he has been learned over the last decades. Robert Martin also known as “Uncle Bob” created the SOLID principles of object-oriented programming.

Arie van Bennekum represents Wemanity Group regarding Agile transformations at conferences, masterclasses and by participating in global transformations. Jon Kern works as Agile Transformation Consultant at Adaptavist helping organizations and teams succeed with Agile approaches.

Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham and Ron Jeffries are the creators of Extreme Programming, a famous agile software development method. Kent is a former Facebook employee where he was working for more than 7 years as Technical Coach, now a programmer in several companies including JUnit automated testing tool which he initially developed. Ward currently works for New Relic and their own independent consultancy Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. Ron writes tons of articles in his website. He also popularized the terms “Faux Agile” and “Dark Agile”.

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas are co-authors of The Pragmatic Programmer series of books. In addition, Thomas teaches modern languages and techniques as Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University.

Both Martin Fowler and Jim Highsmith work at ThoughtWork as Chief Scientist and Executive Consultant respectively. Martin´s main interest is to understand how to design software systems, so as to maximize the productivity of development teams. Jim is the primary developer of the Adaptive Software Development Agile method and his focus lies on Agile Project Management and digital transformation.

James Grenning invented widely used Planning Poker technique for estimating using relative size. Steve Mellor co-created the Shlaer–Mellor method. Meanwhile James founded Wingman Software where he trains and coaches Agile technical practices to embedded developers, Steve is working nowadays as Chief Technology Officer at Industrial Internet Consortium.

Brian Marick founded Testing Foundations consulting, training and writing. Mostly on Agile methods, with a testing slant. Mike Beedle was co-founder and CEO of Enterprise Scrum, Inc training and consulting in enterprise and business agility.

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland co-created Scrum framework in the early 1990s publishing The Scrum Guide in 2010. Jeff is the founder of Scrum, Inc. Ken is the founder of the Scrum Alliance, although he resigned after and subsequently founded

Through all of them together with above mentioned four values and twelve principles, Agile live on, happily ever after.

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