The Hunter (Catalan Landscape), 1923–1924 at MoMA, New York

Over the past last years, Miro has become a popular shared space where companies, teams and people gather together for collaborative working.

Now more than ever when remote work is taking off, Miro app with more than 10 million users from all around the world is empowering distributed teams to work together more efficiency and effectively.

What many people don’t know is that Miro app name comes from a notorious Spanish artist. …

Alpine Skiing event at Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics

Not so long ago, in the magnificent and wild Rocky Mountains near Salt Lake City, capital of Utah, in the United States of America an important milestone for software development was built.

Located six miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Rocky Mountains, Snowbird is a resort where you can do multiple winter activities beyond skiing and snowboarding through 2,500 acres. Snowbird is also a location where frequently are taking place corporate events and wedding venues or just simple smalls reunions among friends, colleagues and family.

This is the reason why The Lodge at Snowbird, one out of five lodging…

Elvis Presley live on stage

Scrum framework tells us that the Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be addressed during the upcoming Sprint. The goal is to inspect how the last Sprint was in terms of people, relationships, processes and tools; identify and order the most important elements that went well and possible improvements; and create a plan to implement these improvements.

This is the theory described in The Scrum Guide, which we all know to a greater or lesser extent, but what is described there must be known how to put it…

New Zealand national rugby team, commonly known as the All Blacks

As you may know, Scrum comes from the sport of Rugby where team players pack closely together with their heads down and attempt to gain possession of the ball. However even a deep knowledge in this game will not help you to get any certification. That is why this post is about, focusing in the Professional Scrum Master II assessment.

Spoiler alert, details and actual content from the official exam will be shared. Although before doing that, we should acknowledge the reason for taking this exam and have awareness of key resources for preparing it confidently.

Why do we want to do it?

Before anything else…

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Men’s 400m Hurdles Final

From the point of view of a sports person, being competitive means that you want to perform at the highest level possible and in the most challenging environment. Pressure, endurance, calculated risks… all these characteristics can also define the performance of an employee within a company. But what if we can take advantage of the personal requirements that sports and physical exercise demand to help people be more effective at their jobs?

People can be happier at work (and in their personal lives) if they engage in some sort of physical exercise with their colleagues. They feel better. Therefore the…

Adrián López

Agile Coach | Scrum Master | Agile Trainer

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